Accountability and Integrity

At the core of the Office of the Cook County State’s Attorney is a mission to promote public safety and pursue justice. In order for the criminal justice system to be effective in achieving this mission, it must be trusted and viewed as legitimate by the communities it serves. Rebuilding trust and legitimacy of the office is essential to effective prosecution of crimes. To achieve this, the Office will:

• Articulate a mission and vision for the Office that places the focus on justice, rather than winning cases, and align the work of the Office—including internal and external communications, training, policies, and hiring and promotion practices—to reflect that mission and vision.

• Acknowledge the existence of racial inequalities in the justice system, and the disproportionate impact that certain criminal justice policies have had on communities of color; and commit to understanding, evaluating, and transparently reporting on those impacts, and on the Office’s efforts to address them.

• Evaluate and modify as needed the system for investigation and prosecution of police misconduct, including the creation of protocols governing the investigation of officer-involved shootings and the potential use of special prosecutors for police misconduct investigations to avoid concerns about conflict of interest and promote the appearance of propriety

• Review the conviction integrity functions within the Office, and make necessary adjustments to ensure that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office operates a state-of the-art, highly-trained and externally-reviewed conviction integrity process.

• Develop intentional policies designed to increase the diversity of the Office, with a particular focus on building a pipeline for diverse supervisors, bureau chiefs, and executive staff.