Application Process For Third Year Law Students

The Cook County State’s Attorney follows a standard interviewing and hiring process of third-year law students each year. In August, September and October, representatives of our office participate in national and local job fairs and visit more than 20 law schools to conduct on-campus interviews (OCI process).

During the on-campus interview process, we interview third-year law students graduating in January and June and who are planning to take the Illinois Bar Examination. If you attend a school that is part of our on-campus interview program, you must obtain an interview through your school.

If the schedule is full, the law school will notify us of students who attempted to obtain an interview, but through no fault of their own, were unable to make the schedule.

After this first round of interviews, we review the interviewers’ evaluations and select applicants to advance to a second round and final of interviews at our downtown Chicago office in late November and December. October 1 is the deadline for receipt of applications for students attending schools where we do not conduct on-campus interviews.  

The Office plans to extend offers by Spring of each year. Because of budget uncertainties, it is difficult to predict the number of new hires for a given year. While we always strive to maintain this general schedule, we cannot guarantee any exact dates. Please note that all offers are conditioned upon taking and passing the Illinois Bar Examination and a background check.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits including health, dental and optical insurance as well as a pension plan.

Because of the volume of applicants each year, the Office of Hiring and Recruiting will make every effort to return emails or phone calls from students seeking an application status update. We send out communication to students informing students of their status as soon as we receive that information. To make additions to your file or inform us of changes in your address, phone etc., please email the information to our office. Your adherence to the policy of emailing rather than calling will allow the Office of Hiring and Recruiting more efficiently to perform its function and to distribute information to all concerned on a timely basis. Please send or email information to:

Office of the Cook County State’s Attorney

Attention: Legal Hiring
69 West Washington, Suite 3200
Chicago, IL 60602