Secondment Program

A secondment with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office offers new Associates in the private sector an opportunity to serve in the Public Interest Sector while getting firm ready. Secondments can last from 3 to 12 months. In that time, seconded attorneys can work in either the Civil Actions Bureau or Criminal Prosecutions Bureau. While seconding, an attorney will work alongside ASAs who are nationally recognized as some of the best litigators in the country. Our ASAs lead trainings nationwide on a host of topics.

With more than 700 attorneys and more than 1,100 employees, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office is the second largest prosecutor's office in the nation. The CCSAO is responsible for the prosecution of all misdemeanor and felony crimes committed in Cook County, one of the largest counties in the United States.

In addition to direct criminal prosecution, the State’s Attorney also serves as legal counsel for the government of Cook County.  The Office’s Civil Actions Bureau litigates civil cases in state, federal and administrative courts. The Civil Actions Bureau defends the county and its officeholders and employees in civil suits and brings civil actions on behalf of the county and its citizens to protect them from exploitation and collect unpaid county taxes.  The Civil Actions Bureau also provides advice and counsel to the Cook County Board of Commissioners and other elected officials.  The Bureau has sections dedicated to Child Support Enforcement, Civil Rights, Labor and Employment, Municipal Litigation, Real Estate Taxation, Torts, Medical Malpractice and Workers Compensation.

Seconding with the CCSAO provides deposition, discovery, negotiation, drafting, filing, appellate and trial work on various levels. After seconding at the CCSAO, attorneys possess a knowledge base unrivaled by their peers. A secondment experience with the CCSAO accelerates the attorney’s counseling skills through interaction with victims of crime and high-profile county officeholders as clients. As part of the CCSAO secondment program, attorneys are eligible to participate in the same trial advocacy, professional development and continuing legal education training offered to Assistant State's Attorneys.

A CCSAO secondment is an enriching experience that enables attorneys to better counsel clients and firms to distinguish their services while maintaining a commitment to helping serve the People of Cook County.

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Sonia A. Antolec
Director of Legal Hiring and Recruiting
Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office