Consumer Fraud Complaint Forms

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office's Consumer Fraud Unit offers the following Consumer Complaint Forms:

In order to submit a complaint, please download and print one of the above forms, and follow these instructions (instructions available for download here):

  1. Complete the form in print, not cursive.
  2. Fill out the complaint form AS COMPLETELY AS POSSIBLE.
  3. Attach copies, NOT original documents, of any and all papers, including contracts and receipts, involved in your case. Do NOT discard any original documents and receipts involved in your case.
  4. Mail the complaint form and copies to the following address:

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Consumer Fraud Unit
50 West Washington Street – Suite 2750
Chicago, IL 60602

After you return the Consumer Complaint Form to the State’s Attorney’s Office, your case will be assigned a file number and reviewed by an Assistant State’s Attorney. At this screening level, your case may be declined for prosecution, referred to another government agency, or retained by the Consumer Fraud Division for further investigation You will be notified by letter of the decision made regarding your case. 

Even if your case is retained for further investigation, the Consumer Fraud Division cannot guarantee a prosecution or refund. You may have to resort to self-help methods, such as obtaining a private attorney or filing a private lawsuit, to resolve the dispute.