Diversion Programs

State’s Attorney Foxx is committed to creating safer, healthier communities by using prosecutorial resources strategically, appropriately, and supporting reforms that avoid needlessly bringing people into the justice system. As such, providing effective alternatives to traditional prosecution and incarceration of non-violent offenders is a priority. These efforts are commonly referred to as “diversion”. 

Diversion can occur at many points throughout the criminal justice system. As the prosecuting body for Cook County, diversion for the State’s Attorney’s Office refers to connecting offenders to services and programs, rather than sentencing them to time in custody. 

After successful completion of diversion court programs, charges are dismissed or vacated. However, information such as arrest records and charges filed still exist. In order to completely erase all non-conviction information you must apply to expunge or seal your record. 

There are eight types of court-based alternative prosecution programs available in Cook County, five are pre-plea diversion programs overseen by the State’s Attorney’s Office and three are post-plea programs overseen by the Office of the Chief Judge. Cases can be referred to these programs at various stages throughout the court process, consult with your attorney or request your case be screened by a judge to determine eligibility for diversion.

An overview of our programs is available in English and Spanish.  

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