Mortgage Fraud Investigations

The impact of mortgage fraud reverberates well beyond the dollar amount lost by financial institutions. Homes will often sit vacant for long periods of time, becoming hubs for criminal activity and targets for vandals, all of which continuously erodes the quality of life for those living near the affected properties. Sadly, Illinois ranks amongst the top states where this crime occurs.

The Mortgage Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions Unit leads a targeted response to this epidemic in Cook County. The Unit is devoted solely to handling these complex prosecutions by overseeing long term investigations which often lead to the arrest of multiple defendants.

Part of the Mortgage Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions Unit’s mission will be to take a preventative approach by working closely with business groups and neighborhood organizations to help develop proactive strategies. Prosecutors working in the Unit will be assigned to each of the Community Justice Centers to work with individuals and organizations within the communities they serve.

The State’s Attorney’s Mortgage Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions Unit welcomes tips about suspicious activity as well as calls from concerned citizens who may have information about mortgage fraud cases within their own communities. Individuals, as well as those in the home improvement, real estate, and mortgage industries are encouraged to contact the Unit with any information, questions or concerns.

Mortgage Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions Unit

2650 S. California, 13th Floor
Chicago, IL 60608

Phone: (773) 674-2728
Fax: (773) 674-5574