Civil Actions Bureau

The Civil Actions Bureau represents the interests of Cook County, defends county office holders and employees in lawsuits arising from their official duties, represents the county in actions brought to collect funds owed for taxes and fees, and provides legal advice to county officeholders on a range of matters.

The Civil Bureau does not file lawsuits on behalf of individuals or advise the public on the law. Citizens with consumer complaints can contact the Consumer Fraud unit that is part of the Special Prosecutions Bureau.

The Bureau is divided into three divisions. The Special Litigation Division consists of the Medical Litigation Section, the Civil Rights Section, and the Labor and Employment Section. The General Litigation and Advice Division consists of the Municipal Litigation Section, the Worker's Compensation Section and the Real Estate Taxation Section.

The Bureau also includes the Child Support Enforcement Division, which represents Health Care and Family Services (HFS) in Cook County in seeking delinquent child support payments.