Crime Strategies Taskforce

Gun violence is one of the most pressing and persistent problems facing Cook County.

The SAO must aggressively and effectively address those who commit shootings and homicides, building strong cases that address the seriousness of the offense. As part of this work, the SAO is piloting a new model, in which prosecutors work closely with law enforcement to develop intelligence that identifies individuals driving violence in two of Chicago's most violent police districts. Working side by side, law enforcement and prosecutors develop intelligence and aim to build cases against the small number of people who are driving most of the violence.

SAO prosecutors will then vertically prosecute cases coming out of this work, with a dedicated team following the case from charging to disposition to ensure consistency and maximize the value of the knowledge developed during the intelligence process. Building on similar models from New York, San Francisco, and other jurisdictions, this approach moves away from a "flood the zone" approach and towards a more precise, informed and strategic model that can make a serious impact on violence without collaterally impacting the surrounding community.