Criminal Prosecutions Bureau

The Criminal Prosecutions Bureau is the largest bureau in the office.  This bureau is comprised of many divisions and units that canvass the entire county.  There are approximately 500 criminal prosecutors assigned to this bureau at any given time.  We take great pride in the fact that our ASAs are the best-trained prosecutors in the country, dedicated to serving the people of Cook County through the honest and vigilant prosecution of crimes.

Though the State's Attorney's Office performs many functions, prosecuting criminal cases has always been at the core of this complex office.  The ASAs in the Criminal Prosecutions Bureau handle all aspects of more than 30,000 felony cases and several hundred thousand misdemeanor cases each year.  ASAs assigned to the Felony Review Unit work 24 hours a day and 365 days per year making charging decisions and ensuring that appropriate cases get charged.  ASAs assigned to the Preliminary Hearings Unit ensure that appropriate information is presented at bond hearings and present matters before the Grand Jury seeking criminal indictments. 

ASAs assigned to the 50-plus felony courtrooms spread out across 6 different districts across Cook County prosecute the most serious crimes in our community, including murders and sexual assaults.  ASAs assigned to prosecute cases in specialized units also prosecute domestic violence cases, child sex assault and child pornography cases, and serious traffic offenses.  ASAs assigned to the Criminal Appeals Division ensure that rightful convictions and sentences are maintained.  ASAs assigned to the Special Litigation Unit and to the DNA Review Unit ensure that rightful convictions and sentences are maintained when convicted criminals seek to overturn convictions many years later.