Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau consists of more than 120 sworn officers who provide investigative and logistical support to Assistant State’s Attorneys in their preparation and presentation of cases. Investigators also complement and supplement local law enforcement efforts by providing them with investigative assistance, expertise and technical resources. Working with prosecutors in the Criminal Prosecutions and Special Prosecutions Bureau, Investigators also launch investigations of very specialized crimes that may not be handled by other law enforcement agencies, such as official misconduct, public integrity, election fraud, child support, and complex financial crimes.

The Bureau’s responsibilities are divided among the Trial Support Command, the Special Operations Command and the Administrative Services Command. Squads in the Trial Support Command include multiple prosecutorial support squads at 26th Street, and all five suburban district courts. The investigators in these squads are responsible for locating and serving process on victims and witnesses, locating and interviewing witnesses, collecting DNA standards for crime laboratory comparison, transporting evidence, providing protection and security for witnesses, providing transportation to court for victims and witnesses and conducting supplemental investigations as requested by prosecutors who are preparing cases for trial.

Through interacting with reluctant and uncooperative witnesses and providing them with assistance and security, experienced investigators give witnesses the confidence they need to testify in court. To guarantee their safety and presence in court, our investigators transport thousands of victims, witnesses, and defendants to court each year.