Special Prosecutions Bureau

Cases handled by the Special Prosecutions Bureau involve long-term proactive investigations that are supervised by experienced prosecutors with specialized knowledge and experience.

The State's Attorney has put a greater emphasis on this bureau to head the specialized investigations that attack the core operations of sophisticated criminal enterprises, including street gangs, public corruption and white collar crime.  Although such cases often require complex investigations involving many state and federal agencies, they have the potential for a greater, long-term impact for the public good, and they demonstrate the office’s intolerance for violence and corruption at the hand of criminal enterprises and dishonest public officials.

The Special Prosecution Bureau has not only significantly increased the prosecution of police and public corruption, but it also has spear-headed new initiatives and legislative reforms in the areas of gang crimes, human-trafficking, mortgage fraud, identity theft, consumer fraud, and organized theft and fencing, including the passage of the Illinois Safe Children’s Act and the Illinois Street Gang RICO statute.