Law Enforcement Accountability Division (LEAD)

The Law Enforcement Accountability Division (LEAD) of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office is made up of veteran prosecutors who review investigations and prosecute police officers charged with criminal offenses and determines whether filing criminal charges is appropriate.  The division does not determine the existence of administrative or department policy violations or civil liability. The LEAD prosecutors report directly to the First Assistant of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.  In advancing our vision to approach each case with integrity and accountability, we are sharing our process for reviewing fatal officer-involved shooting cases and the legal analysis in determining whether the filing of criminal charges is appropriate in a particular case. You can read the full policy memo on officer-involved shootings HERE

The information below includes:

Declination Memos: a detailed overview of the CCSAO’s findings in a case and decision to decline prosecution.

Illinois State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor (ISAAP) Affirmations*: declination is consistent with their independent review. 

Charges and Dispositions: the conclusion of a case including a conviction or dismissal of charges.



Police Criminal Misconduct Complaint Form
Civilian Office of Police Accountability
Officer-Involved Shooting Flowchart


2017-08-08: Darreon Neal (Declination Memo

2019-10-1: Joseph Jesk (Declination Memo)

2018-12-09: Leslie Vaughn (Declination Memo)

2018-11-22: Sarge Junior (Declination Memo)

2018-11-11: Jemel Roberson (Declination Memo)

2018-08-13: Mark Harvey (Declination Memo)

2018-07-03: Terrell Eason (Declination Memo)

2018-06-02: Gus Tousis (Declination Memo)

2018-03-12: DeCynthia Clements (Declination MemoILSAAP Affirmation)

2017-9-10: Juan Flores (Declination Memo)

2017-08-08: Darreon Neal (Declination Memo

2017-07-09: Brayant Alvarez (Declination Memo)

2017-06-09: Antonio Juarez (Declination MemoILSAAP Affirmation

2017-06-02: Corsean Lewis (Declination Memo)

2017-05-17: Rashad Wells (Declination MemoILSAAP Affirmation

2017-02-10: Michelle Robey (Declination Memo

2017-02-02: Marco Gomez (Declination MemoILSAAP Affirmation

2017-01-20: Joshua Jones (Declination Memo, ILSAAP Affirmation

2017-01-15: Herbert Johnson (Declination Memo

2016-12-27: Alfonso D. Lopez (Declination Memo)

2016-11-27: Richard Grimes (Declination Memo, ILSAAP Affirmation

2016-11-25: Cleotha Mitchell (Declination Memo)

2016-11-23: Kajuan Raye (Declination Memo)

2016-11-18: Darius Jones (Declination Memo, ILSAAP Affirmation)

2016-11-05: Joshua Beal: (Declination Memo)

2016-10-02: Donte Jones (Declination MemoILSAAP Affirmation

2016-07-28: Paul O'Neal (Declination MemoILSAAP Affirmation

2016-07-21: Derek Love (Declination MemoILSAAP Affirmation

2016-06-26: Donte Johnson (Declination Memo

2016-05-26: Warren Christian III (Declination Memo

2016-05-09: Michael Johnson (Declination MemoILSAAP Affirmation

2016-04-11: Pierre Loury (Declination Memo, ILSAAP Affirmation

2016-03-19: Thurman Reynolds (Declination Memo

2016-03-14: Lamar Harris (Declination Memo

2015-12-26: Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones (Declination Memo

2015-07-12: Matthew Watson (Declination Memo

2015-05-17: Ronell Wade (Declination Memo

2014-10-24: Craig Hall (Declination Memo

2014-04-13: Charles Brown (Declination Memo


2017-02-17, LaRoyce Tankson (Feb. 2020 finding of not-guilty)

2017-01-18, Lowell Houser (Dec. 2019 finding of guilty)

*The policy of referring declinations to ILSAAP took effect on January 1, 2018. The matters missing ILSAAP affirmations were declined before the effective date of the legislation.